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Yearbook Photo-Tees

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This unique design concept works for any organization that has individual photos taken for a directory. Most photographers can now create a CD of all their digital photos taken. It is always advisable to seek permission from your photographer before using those photos for a garment or mug print.

Because of the very fine detail required in the Photo Tee designs, they will be produced as digital prints. The minimum cost for setup is $35.00 plus .10 per photo used. We may need to repeat photos to complete the design and to keep the tile pattern consistent. Individual photos will be repeated as few times as possible.

When digital photos/CDs are not available, we can scan existing yearbooks. The minimum setup cost is $35.00 or $3.00 per 8.5″x11″ page (whichever is greater) plus .10 per photo used. It is to your benefit to cut, paste and combine individual photos and yearbook pages to save setup cost. We recommend submitting only photos with similar background colors and no individual photos less than 1″x2″. Please indicate school colors for use in lettering and graphics. We also recommend using only the straw or light blue photo tint for pictures.

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