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where to sell diamonds Nashville TN

Article provided by: Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers

where to sell diamonds Nashville TN

People sell their diamonds for various emotional or financial motivations. They may want to free up money for other projects instead of getting a loan. Selling your diamond to the highest bidder gives the best possible returns and means that you can have an accurate and reliable valuation. The following are some places that most people consider while selling their diamond:

  • Direct online buyer – They have fast and likable returns
  • Auction – The higher quality diamonds attract the best results
  • Consignment –Results are impressive when the transaction has enough time to mature
  • Private buyer – Returns depend on the bargain between the seller and buyer
  • Local retailer – The price is reasonable because the seller often trusts the seller

How can you find the right selling platform?

Finding a diamond buyer does not have to become an unfavorable ordeal when you know the shortcut of analyzing pointers of a successful sale. Use the following tips when analyzing where to sell diamonds:

  • Research the reputation of the platform through the review page or third-party platforms like Google and Yelp. People put more stock in negative reviews than positive ones; hence, you can gauge the business’s performance through most review platforms. The reviews will also expose whether the platform has favorable prices and the experience of receiving money after sending the diamonds
  • Choose a buyer with a valid Better Business Bureau rating
  • Find a price range that is not too wide for your budget
  • Analyze the communication quality to ascertain their commitment to professional and trustworthy transactions
  • Set up a physical appointment so you have an assurance of the business’s existence
  • Enquire about the insurance and shipping policies because a high-quality company can cover the costs

Understand the process of selling diamonds online

You can only encounter bad experiences when the buyer does not meet the agreed selling expectations. A firm that facilitates the sale of diamonds should have a simple and straightforward process that details the full process of selling the pieces. They should indicate all the possibilities of the transaction, such as returning a diamond piece, hidden fees, and shipping conditions.

Study your diamond

There is more to a diamond that the carat weight and the shape. It is helpful to understand the exact qualities of your diamond because you can quickly and easily provide an offer range. A seller who does not know the attributes of the diamond can contact a laboratory that will evaluate and give reports on the diamonds.

The selling process is unique through different online platforms. We will give you the most accurate price because we have experience in handling hundreds of diamond purchase and sale transactions. The process of selling your diamonds may follow a few necessary steps through various purchase portals.

The most standard format includes completing an online valuation form and receiving an initial quote through phone or email. The online platform should have a preferred or designated shipping portal that likely insures without extra charges on the buyer. Nashville Gold and Diamonds has the best transaction portal because we process all orders with the same priority and within the same timeframe limit.


where to sell diamonds Nashville TN
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