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Submitting Digital Art Via Email or Disk

The Preferred method for submitting digital art is via Email (art@1ststreet.com). Please restrict file name to something relevant. Files named “T-Shirt.eps” or “Front.jpg” are too generic, and difficult to track. We receive many files every day. Naming your files properly and uniquely, can help to make your order experience easier. Names like ; “texas_toads.eps” or “duncan_Fam_reunion.pdf” will identify your art files faster.

If you are sending art on disk, we accept both MAC and PC formats on CD, or USB “thumb drive”. Please include hard copy or a pixel image (eg; JPEG, TIFF, PSD, or PNG) for proofing purposes. Again, Name your files correctly to insure an accurate order.

Please follow these guidelines for submitting your art

*For multicolor screen print designs, Vector Art is required. Pixel Art is not acceptable for multicolor screen print designs. Vector Art is art made up of postscript lines or curves.

**For one color screen printed designs and digital printing, Pixel Art is acceptable. Pixel Art is art generated in a PAINT program, rather than a DRAWING program (Ex: photos, scanned art, etc.)

For your art to qualify as screenprint ready digital art it must meet the following requirements;

Vector Art* – Send files in one of the following formats along with a jpeg image of the art

You must convert all type in designs to paths or curves. This is required.Also, it can help to include a jpeg version of your design so we can see exactly what your design should look like

  • Illustrator .ai (version CS6 or earlier)
  • PDF
  • Generic Encapsulated Postscript .eps
  • Corel Draw .cdr (versions 11 thru 12)
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic)

We currently use Adobe Illustrator version CS6. CorelDraw! files are exported as PDF or SVG in house. Sometimes this exporting can create slight differences in your layout. We suggest, if possible, export to these formats and proof them before sending.

Pixel Art** – Send files in one of the following formats

Set resolution to 300dpi or greater, and make size 100% of the size of the final design

  • .tiff
  • .jpg
  • .psd-Photoshop (version CS4 or earlier)

Optional: Sometimes due to large file sizes, it is necessary to compress your files into a .zip archive prior to sending.

PS: If you want to give us an idea of what your design is supposed to look like, send us what you have, anyway you can, and we’ll work through the details with you.